New World, New Music

Classical Performance + Virtual Reality

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Event Overview

New World, New Music, is a celebration of the 125th anniversary of Dvořák’s Symphony No. 9, From the New World.  As our contribution to the celebration, we have commissioned renowned composer and native New Yorker Bruce Adolphe and visual artists James Rouvelle and Lili Maya, known as maya + rouvelle, to create an integrative arts experience that will be premiered by the ICOA. The project underscores the values of ICOA: collaboration, cultural exchange, and innovative performance. We seek financial assistance to make this dream a reality.

Adolphe’s inventive homage, titled Dvorshock, will feature London Philharmonic Co-leader Kevin Lin. As one of the founding orchestra member of ICOA, Kevin Lin will return to New York for the first time since his designation at London Philharmonic. ICOA is honored to witness Kevin Lin’s music journey and is thrilled to welcome him, along with 45 exceptional musicians, to share this magical moment as a family.


Antonín Dvořák

American Suite, Op. 98b


Bruce Adolphe



Felix Mendelssohn

Violin Concert in E minor


Daniel Feng, conductor                                                                                                      learn more

Kevin Lin, violinist                                                                                                             learn more

Bruce Adolphe, composer                                                                                                   learn more

James Rouvelle and Lili Maya, visual artists                                                                        learn more


Saturday March 31st, 2018


Bohemian National



Bruce Adolphe’s Dvorshock has one foot planted in history, and the other making strides into the future.  The piece is a fantasia based on the powerful familiar theme from the last movement of Dvořák’s Symphony No.9, From the New World.  The work begins in a musical mist in which fragments of the theme emerge and disappear. Gradually, the outline becomes discernible, the mist clears, and the entire melody finally manifests itself.  Quickly, a new vitality takes over, and the inflections of New York— jazzy, confident, brash, and fun-loving—take Dvořák’s theme for a thrilling ride.